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Cultivate, then bloom. by Rebecca Volynsky

I am thrilled to announce that I will have mixed media public art pieces on exhibition at the following locations during PVDFest (June 1 - 4). For more information, please read the statement below.

Artwork will be installed May 27 and taken down June 18.

"These artworks, collectively titled 'Cultivate, Then Bloom', portray mixed media floral paintings inspired by Russian folk art and botanical illustration. Volynsky draws from past memories and moments to inform new ones, acting as new landscapes in the artwork for viewers to explore. This work is a form of visual storytelling that conveys fragmented memories and moments of interaction through the layering of mixed media. As experiences of joy and beauty often naturally fade but leave a positive impression -  so do the intentions and physicality of these artworks.

The themes and symbolic elements in Rebecca Volynsky’s pieces revolve around the ideas of strength and personal growth. Volynsky’s visual art is influenced by life experiences and relationships, mental health, Russian folk art, lively color, and organic shapes/color found in nature. Her creative practice has always focused on setting positive intentions through art making and cultivating what you have in the present to create a better future and grow. She currently lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

This project is made possible by the Providence Art, Culture, and Tourism Department. In it’s third year, PVDFest is expected to attract nearly 75,000 people and 504 artists to the Downcity area of Providence from June 1 - 4 as a multi-arts takeover of public space. Our great city has a vast cultural and arts community, and PVDFest truly brings the art world closer and more accessible to our neighborhoods.

To learn more about Rebecca Volynsky’s artwork and creative practice, please visit or @rvolynsky on Instagram.

For further inquiries, please contact her via email,"

Getting to the heart of the matter. by Rebecca Volynsky

Hello! Welcome to my new website, shop, and blog. This blog will be a space for reflection on my creative practice and life.

Photo by Jen Brister of  Story & Gold  

Photo by Jen Brister of Story & Gold 

I never have a plan for my work, but I do have an idea of the energy or emotion I'd like it to convey. My personal story is told subconsciously through color, layers, and patterns. Everything that I create is made with positive intentions in mind, and I hope that you will find something that moves you here. It is an honor to share my artwork - and story - in this capacity.

Sometimes, my biggest creative struggle is approaching a blank paper without feeling anxiety in fear of overworking the piece. The art making process can be full of mistakes and accidents, which can be frustrating at times. It's easy to fall into preconceived notions/fears and let them hold you back - in the creative process and life. I've thought about this a lot recently, and I have found that you have to be willing to let go of the things that do not serve you - such as fear - in order to live the life you want. This can be challenging if fear is all you have grown accustomed to; however, learning to let it go can be one of the most subversive, badass, life-changing things.

Allowing yourself to let go and feel vulnerable through art making, practicing yoga, or meditating builds room for creation and setting positive intentions. When it's difficult to dive into that space in the present moment, it is easier to do so through getting into a creative flow. This is not about thinking "where have I been?" in the past, or "where am I going?" in the future - but, rather, it is about proclaiming "here I am, I exist" in the present. Finding that space has become the real purpose of my creative practice.