Knead Doughnuts Mural / by Rebecca Volynsky

Photo by  Paul Robert Berman .

This past month, I spent countless hours designing and painting this mural for the new Knead Doughnuts location on 135 Elmgrove Ave. in Providence, Rhode Island. More images of the mural can be seen under "Artwork".

Even though I usually do not have a predetermined plan or sketch in mind as I work ... I made sure to pay extra special attention to balancing the composition of this piece as it is the largest surface I have ever had to paint.

Making art is truly how I document + process my experiences in life, relationships, and personal growth. The colors and energy in this piece are exploding with positivity and hope — constantly in a state of movement and becoming.

While a large surface like this wall can be intimidating, each mark informs the next and so on. In order to make something new, I found that it is critical to stick with uncertainty and shakiness. One must feel vulnerable in order to create!